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ReliaBILL® Electricity Plan

Fixed Electricity Supply Plan

Introductory Fixed Rate of 1.99¢ per kWh

Electricity Stability Program for a 3-year term at a rate of 1.99¢ per kWh through October 31, 2020, and 3.59¢ per kWh thereafter.

The Stability Plan provides the total peace of mind that comes with knowing the price of your electricity supply before you even see the bill. Enroll today for a fixed rate for the duration of the 3 year term.

What is the Global Adjustment?

Most electricity generating companies get a guaranteed price for the electricity that they produce. The Global Adjustment is the difference between that guaranteed price and the money the generators earn in the wholesale marketplace. The Global Adjustment also covers the costs of some conservation programs.

Lock-In Your Electricity Supply Rate

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