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ReliaBILL® Electricity Plan

Platinum Membership Plan™

HOEP + $9.99 (membership fee) per month

✓ No Administration Fee
✓ No Cancellation Fee

You will be paying HOEP (Hourly Ontario Energy Price) + our membership fee for your monthly usage. This is a great plan for any of our customers looking to get the HOEP for their monthly rate from the best electricity provider in Ontario by paying a simple membership fee.

Wholesale Power Price Plan™

HOEP + 1¢ per kWh

✓ No Administration Fee
✓ No Cancellation Fee

You will be paying one cent above the HOEP (Hourly Ontario Energy Price) for your monthly electricity usage. Another great plan from ReliaBILL® Electricity, the best electricity supplier company in Ontario, this gives our customers a chance to pay very close to the HOEP.

What is the Global Adjustment?

Most electricity generating companies get a guaranteed price for the electricity that they produce. The Global Adjustment is the difference between that guaranteed price and the money the generators earn in the wholesale marketplace. The Global Adjustment also covers the costs of some conservation programs.

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ReliaBILL Electricity is dedicated to serving the wonderful people of Ontario.

Our team continually commits to being the best electricity supplier in Ontario by offering competitive plans and outstanding service. Our two distinctive plans show why we are the best electricity company in Ontario. By providing outstanding delivery and service ReliaBILL Electricity continually proves its place as a fantastic electric company in Ontario. We are one of the cheapest electric companies in Ontario and are the clear choice as your electricity supplier in Ontario. As an affordable electricity provider in Ontario, we show that we care for our customers through our plans and pricing.

Our Plans

We believe that our customer service innovation makes us the best electricity provider in Ontario and switching to an alternative energy supplier like ReliaBILL Electricity has never been easier. Our unbeatable customer service combined with our affordable rates in Ontario makes us an obvious choice for you, the consumer.
If you are looking for an electric company, then ReliaBILL Electricity is the provider for you. We work hard every day to prove we are the best choice for your electricity supplier in Ontario. Our ReliaBILL Electricity team is dedicated to providing our Ontario customers with affordable electricity rates and programs that work best for you. From sales to customer service, we’re passionate about our customers and the communities we serve. As the best electricity supplier, you can trust our team to bring you lower rates and programs.

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Stay updated with pertinent energy news from the premier electric company in Ontario. Browse through our blogs to stay up to date with energy-related information, cost-effective advice, and tips on how to be a great alternative energy customer. Be connected and informed with interesting posts and news through ReliaBILL Electricity. As the best electric company in Ontario, we understand the importance of relaying energy information to our valued customers. Check back here to see our regularly updated blog and news section for important energy info that can benefit you.

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