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3 Year Term Fixed Electricity Supply Rate
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Electricity Stability Program for a 3-year term at a rate of 2.19¢ per kWh through October 31, 2020, and 3.59¢ per kWh thereafter.

The Government of Ontario issued an Emergency Order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. As a result, starting on March 24, 2020, residential and small business customers on time-of-use (TOU) pricing will pay 10.1 ¢/kWh no matter what time of day the electricity is consumed. This means that TOU customers will be paying the off-peak price throughout the day as long as the Emergency Order remains in place.

For more information, visit: OEB-Guidance-TOU-Prices

2.19¢ per kWh

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Plan Description:
Plan Details for 3 Year Term Fixed Electricity Supply Rate

The Stability Plan provides the total peace of mind that comes with knowing the price of your electricity supply before you even see the bill. With a Stability Plan, your electricity supply rate is locked in, so you’ll know what you’re going to pay from month to month, and year to year. While the actual market prices will go up and down, we guarantee that your rate will not change. Like a fixed rate mortgage, it’s complete price protection.

Please note: The above rate only covers the supply portion of your bill and does not include additional existing government and utility-related charges. For example, the Global Adjustment (GA) will appear as a separate line item on your bill, and the amount will vary month to month.

*The GA is the difference between the guaranteed price of electricity and the money the generators earn in the wholesale marketplace. The GA also covers the costs of some conservation programs.

*Ontario Energy Board:

2.19¢ per kWh

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