What are the Advantages in having a Fixed Stability Rate?

• Provides the you with peace of mind in knowing that they are paying a fixed rate
• Provides price stability in a volatile energy market
• Protects against rising costs and offers the potential to save money during the term of the agreement
• The ability to change your program once per year by calling ReliaBILL Electricity when the market raises in price or in the event of a market price drop

One of the Lowest Residential Energy Companies in Ontario

Unlike other energy providers, ReliaBILL Electricity offers an affordable electricity rate for Ontario residential customers. Our prices paired with our customer service, makes us believe that ReliaBILL Electricity is one of the lowest and best Ontario residential electricity supply company. Homeowners can now see why ReliaBILL Electricity gives you the best Ontario residential energy solutions.

Fixed Rate Electricity Plans Insure Against Unforeseen Events

Fixed Stability Rate Plan

When you sign up for a fixed rate plan, you lock in a rate for the duration of the term. With a fixed rate, you are charged the same amount of money for each and every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity supply. What you pay for electricity supply today will be the same as what you pay tomorrow under a fixed rate plan.

ReliaBILL Electricity offers 1, 3 and 5 year fixed rates. So, if you’re looking for maximum stability, then a fixed rate electricity supply plan is likely the best choice for you.


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Affordable residential energy company Ontario
Affordable Residential energy company Ontario

Ontario Energy Solutions

Our expertly-designed, affordable Ontario residential energy solutions are customized to fit our customers’ needs. The individual plans allow them to make smart energy choices in their everyday lives. ReliaBILL Electricity clearly defines the terms, benefits and rates of each plan. We know that we are an affordable Ontario electricity supply provider. ReliaBILL Electricity understands your finances are important, as a result we offer you the best residential electricity supply programs and rates.

Everyone is different, which is reflected in the way you make your energy decisions. ReliaBILL Electricity puts the control into your hands. Our residential electricity supply plans give you choices not available with your utility company. If you compare Ontario electricity suppliers, we know that you will find that ReliaBILL Electricity is a notch above every time. Summer and winter months can bring varying temperatures, which mean added utility costs; however, with ReliaBILL Electricity you can finally be in control of those costs.

There’s no reason, Ontario, not to switch to ReliaBILL® Electricity today!
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