Why Choose ReliabillElectricity?


ReliabillElectricity has entered into the Sudbury market to serve the community, and we have brought two excellent plans to choose from for electricity supply. We offer both a Wholesale Power Plan and a Platinum Membership Plan. Here is a closer look at the two different plans and some other fantastic reasons to switch to ReliabillElectricity.

1. It is extremely affordable

Here at ReliabillElectricity, we give our customers the option to purchase their electricity supply at great rates. Our Wholesale Power Plan costs only one cent per kWh above the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) every month. This is one of the best electricity supply rates in Ontario. Our Platinum Membership Plan includes paying the HOEP price, plus a monthly membership fee, which is also a spectacular rate for you.

2. There is excellent customer service

The customer service at ReliabillElectricity is extremely professional and friendly. It is our goal to always serve our customers with complete satisfaction, and we work very hard to do that. We understand how important it is for our customers to have their issues resolved quickly and efficiently, and that is why we make doing so our top priority.

3. There is no Administrationfee

When you switch to ReliabillElectricity, you will not have to pay any administration fees. This separates us from many of our competitors who do charge administrationfees. We know that administrationfees are very pesky, and so we simply don’t charge them. We just allow you to access our great electricity supply rates without charging you to come on board.